While observing his recent works, one can perceive the harmony between instrument, technique, content and beauty. The right times, the essentiality of accents, the dryness of emotions,  the return of a sense of mystery through allusions, confer the strength of a perfect narrative machine to these most recent works. In the history of contemporary art and in the current drift of values, it is amazing that the artist is pursuing his search for beauty and harmony at any cost, although his work unveils the awareness of the limit, the sharing of the world’s suffering, the certainty that time is unable to get into the rhythm of life. Despite that, his works are designed with mastery in the use of space and details, and they eventually always show the light that brightens the instant, gives meaning to the whole life span, and gives voice to the meditating, pure and essential thought of the man of the future, although with tightened lips.

Alessandra Santin