In my opinion, Alimede is a dramatic artist who does not hold back his emotions faced with the harshness of life. At the same time, he is a thoughtful artist who wants to jump into his work on the canvas without letting himself be deeply overwhelmed by the acumen of instinctual behaviour, as he knows that, in this latter case, one can certainly reach heights of immediacy, but one can also too often sink into meaninglessness. Hence his original balance can be explained, ranging between chromatic refinement and clear mark, between harshness and lyrical openness. On the canvas, he creates hidden, hinted at rather than open spaces, but these are the spaces of life that you don’t know where they are taking you, filled with uncertainties upon experiencing them. These spaces are created by the mark, which uses colour as its necessary support, as an emotional backing element, i.e. symbolically rather than naturalistically. His pictures are psychological journeys, and not translations of real data, however subjective they are assumed to be. This is all the more visible in his graphical works where, not surprisingly, Alimede looks for unusual media and technical solutions that can best express his willingness to constantly intertwine psychological and reflective data with results that I personally deem to be very convincing.

Giancarlo Pauletto
Mario Alimede ‘s original balance